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Effective Medication Management Tips for Seniors


Medication management allows patients to adhere to their medication schedules which makes it a significant aspect of home care services. Home Care Plus, your home care provider in Baltimore, Maryland, ensures that our patients have an improved quality of life through effective medication management.

Caregivers of our in-home care in Maryland follow these tips to help our patients effectively keep track of their medications:

  • Creating a list of all medications
    This list should be conclusive of prescription and OTC medications, supplements, herbal remedies, and ointments. Our quality home care provider can bring this list during their doctor’s visit for review. Then, we’ll regularly update this list whenever there are added or removed medications.
  • Storing medications in one location
    Misplacing their medications will lead to untimely medication administration, and for those who depend primarily on their medications, this could lead to life-threatening consequences. Hence, as a home care provider in Baltimore, we’re immensely concerned and careful about misplaced medications.
  • Organizing medications in pill organizers.
    There are instances when our patients, due to old age, won’t remember if they’ve already taken their medications or not yet. Having a pill organizer will let them know by merely counting how many pills are left in their storage. This will also help them avoid taking the wrong medications.
  • Paying attention to side effects.
    Ask your home care provider to list down all the side effects you experienced after taking a certain medication, and have your doctor review and prescribe a different one.

Follow these medication management tips to live a life free from pain, less risk for infections, and improved ability to function. Visit our website for more lifestyle blogs!

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