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Health Benefits of Sunlight to Seniors


Sunlight has been scientifically proven to benefit an individual’s overall well-being. But since seniors are mostly cooped up at home, they are unable to absorb their required amount of vitamin D.

Yes, staying indoors is the best for your loved one in these dangerous times, but they still require a few minutes under the sun. Home Care Plus is here to talk about some of these health benefits. Take a look:

  • Improves sleep
    Sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm. This means that your loved one’s body will know when it’s time to start producing melatonin, and when it’s time to stay wide awake.
  • Reduces stress
    Stepping out into the outdoors even for a few minutes helps in lowering the stress hormones. If your senior has In-home care in Maryland, you can ask their caregiver to help your loved one go outside for a few minutes each day.
  • Maintain strong bones
    Vitamin D is also essential to bone health. Our bodies are able to produce vitamin D with the help of sunlight. Which will, in turn, prevent your senior from suffering from osteoporosis.

    If you are worried that your senior might get into an accident while they are outdoors, you can ask for help from a Home Care Provider.

  • Fights off depression
    One of the biggest concerns our home care provider in Baltimore sees from patients and families is the risk of depression. Sunlight helps boost your body’s serotonin production, leading to improved mood and mental health.

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